About Us

It all started when a friend of mine (Will T.) gave me his old Innokin iTaste battery. He told me to go to one of the local vape shops and pick up a kanger protank mini and try some flavors of e-juice. That's when my vaping career started back in 2013. That's when I quit smoking too. At first it was a few puffs of e-cig and a cigarette. And then one day, cigarettes tasted nasty and vape juice tasted so much better. So I went online and started reading everything there was to know about vaping and this vape juice stuff. ECF and other sources were filled with information. I found Grimm Green, Phil Busardo and Rip Trippers videos amazing. I started to build my own coils on my Kayfun atop my Provari. I also got my wife to start vaping and she quit smoking too (I have named her favorite tobacco flavor in her honor - Rochelle's Tobacco). I kept trying to find the best juice out there but was disappointed with perfumy and subpar juices. I started to build dual coils on my dripper with a mech mod. Now (8/15) I vape at 35 watts using an IPV mini II and a Vapeston Maganus tank at .2 ohms or with my Heatvape Invader mini with Kanger sub ohm tank mini with nickel coils at 400 degrees. So as the equipment continually evolves, so must the quality of juice. Having tried many different vape juice brands, too many to list here (nor do I want to advertise other juice brands), I realized that there was a need for something special. Something that had a lot of flavor. Something that after a puff or cloud, I would say WOW! And thus, Parkland Vapors was born. I wanted something made in the USA. I wanted something with only premium ingredients. I wanted a great RY4, a great vanilla cream and so much more. Making a premium juice takes 2 skills. A solid chemistry labwork background and an experienced palette. I have both. At first, I thought this would be easy... just mix some strawberry with banana and voila, you got strawberry banana. If only it were that easy. There are so many different brands of flavorings and each one has a strawberry and a banana if not several of each. One or even a half of a percentage of a flavor can make a huge difference. So the trial and error began. The combinations are endless. We have made hundreds of sample flavors, we have pulled out about 10% as the best of the bunch and are finally offering them to you.
Our research department is still mad at work creating new flavors every day, so there will be more flavors coming soon (well not so soon because it takes at least 2 months before we can even try them!).
Happy Vaping!

Harvey Brodzki, President